Meridith L. Bartley

Environmental/Ecological Statistician
Statistical Consultant
Bozeman, MT


Blog Posts

I have over 15 years of experience in communicating both biological and statistical concepts to diverse audiences. As a graduate student in wildlife science at NMSU I led a team of undergraduate students (15+ students from a variety of backgrounds) where I encouraged students to expand their focus to include quantitative efforts when assisting in experiments or even designing and executing experiments to answer their own research questions. I began teaching courses within the Biology Department during my junior year of undergrad at Western Kentucky University. As I taught my students, I learned ways to be a better teacher and a more effective communicator. At PSU, I was a lecturer for an Introduction to Statistics course where I conveyed basic concepts to improve students’ statistical literacy.

To promote professional development and foster an environment of camaraderie within my new fellow grad students in the Statistics Department at Penn State I organized weekly workshops. Resources from past workshops may be found on the Statistics Graduate Student Association website.