Meridith L. Bartley

Environmental/Ecological Statistician
Statistical Consultant
Bozeman, MT


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I am available for statistical consulting projects that may encompass a range of project assistance. My specialty and passion is working with folks in ecological and environmental fields, but my skills and expertise are widely applicable to many fields. There is no project too small or too large, so please reach out with inquiries.

Services Offered

Contact Information

To start the consulting process, please submit a Request Form. You may reach out at any stage of your work, but to best guide the trajectory of your project it is recommended to do so early on so that the design and data collection stages may benefit from statistical guidance. Once a Request Form is received I will reach out to schedule a (free) hour-long consultation.

Overview of Consulting Process

Availability & Rates

I charge based on an hourly rate for consulting projects (as opposed to a flat rate per project). We will discuss this rate during our initial consultation meeting and agree on a value before consulting starts. Hourly rates will depend on